"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22 (NKJV)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Note About My Dad

During week two, I wrote here and here about my dad. It seems appropriate now to write something about what has been happening the last two days.

Dad is in our local hospital's intensive care unit. Friday afternoon, neighbors found him on his bathroom floor. He was incoherent and barely conscious. My mom has been with her family in Texas the last several days. Nobody had talked to Dad for about twenty-four hours, so we don't know exactly how long he was laying on the floor. When paramedics arrived, his blood sugar was ten times normal. He was dehydrated, and his heart was barely pumping. His condition stabilized some in the emergency room. His blood sugar is under control.

I was thankful to hear from doctors that his blood-alcohol level was zero, which means he had not been drinking alchohol for at least a few days. Maybe he was keeping the promise he had made several weeks ago that he would try to quit again. We still don't know what brought on the spike in his blood sugar. He has never previously been diagnosed as a diabetic. His wide array of medical problems complicates diagnosis and treatment.

On Friday evening, I was with him for several hours in the emergency room and the intensive care unit. He was not coherent, but it was apparent from his face that he was in great pain. Part of me wanted to turn away and not look at him, but something compelled me to stay at his bedside. I hoped my presence might touch him and comfort him on some level. I felt great sadness. And, I also felt God wringing and squeezing anger out of me---anger that I've carried against Dad for almost thirty years. God has been drawing it out of me since that day eighteen years ago when I first saw my Lord suffering and shamed. I believe these may have been the last few drips and drops. I can now only feel sympathy for Dad and sorrow over what might be lost very soon and for what we never had.

Today, Dad seemed to be sleeping peacefully. He hasn't regained his right mind, but I think he briefly recognized me this afternoon. When I walked into his room, I thought there was a spark of recognition on his face, but I'm not sure.

UPDATE--March 15, 2010: Dad was much better today. His blood sugar and heart rate are under control. He not only recognized me, but was talking and making sense most of the time. He even started eating solid food today. Thank you very much for all your prayers.


  1. Praying the Lord uses this situation to draw your entire family to Him! Nicole

  2. I'm so sorry, Nathan! I know this has to be a difficult time for you. Praying peace and grace to you & your family, especially your father.

  3. Praying for you, your Dad, and your family.