"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22 (NKJV)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

James 1:22 Project Bye Week

Even NFL teams get a week off during the season, and their season is only 17 weeks. I'm slammed at work this week, suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck and between business trips (South Carolina last week and Alaska next). I don't have the time or mental capacity to sit at the computer and blog this week. The project will continue next week. That's a promise. For now, here are some pictures.

Here is Baby Girl Wyatt as of June 1, 2010. Only about FIVE weeks until we meet her. We've narrowed the search for a name to two possibilities---Julia Leigh or Cora Leigh. Neither was in the original baby name poll, so I'm putting up a new poll today. It's a toss up for us. This poll could be the deciding factor, so don't forget to vote! Just scroll down the right side of the blog to find the poll.

Below is Herbie the Wonderdog. He's been with us for about two months now and is already part of the family. Ain't he cute?


  1. Looks like Julia is pulling for the lead! You've got my vote! So glad I prayed that you'd get a new name with Christina on Sunday.

  2. Safe journeys, Nathan! I used to want the name Julia for my first baby girl, until Steve convinced me otherwise...I hope it fits for you guys, because I LOVE it.

  3. It was Olivia. We still like Olivia. Turns out, however, it was the third most popular girls name in 2009. We're trying to avoid the most popular names. Julia was, I believe, number 50 in 2009. Not too bad. I think Cora is simple, pretty, and old-fashioned sounding. Logan's kindegarten teacher was named Cora, and we really liked her. So far, Julia is winning here by a landslide. I think we're leaning in that direction. The "Leigh" is for my grandmother who passed away this year. Her first name was "Lee." We just think the "Leigh" spelling is more feminine.

  4. I'm ALL ABOUT Cora!!! It was another front runner for me when we were picking names for Cassie. However, as usual, Tom didn't agree. Love it though! Although I do like Julia too. Beautiful names..whichever you choose.