"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22 (NKJV)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Little Darling Josie

"When Josie comes home
So good
She's the pride of the neighborhood."

~ Josie by Steely Dan

"God bless you darling Josie
With your sparklin' eyes so bright and clear
Josie, I won't fail ya,
I won't fail you; have no fear."
~ Josie by Donovan

This has absolutely nothing directly to do with the The James 1:22 Project, but I know many of my readers will be curious about our little darling Josie and anxious for more pictures. We're all doing fairly well. Having a new baby is one thing. Having a new baby with two little boys underfoot is something else entirely. We're hanging in there, thanks to the support, help and prayers we've received from friends and family. Just when things were starting to feel manageable again, I came down with a stomach bug this weekend. [To be honest, the stomach bug was pretty awful. On the other hand, I'm thankful: (1) for the extra time in the sanctuary of my bathroom to get some reading done, (2) that I've survived it, and (3) that, for now, it hasn't spread to anyone else in the family!] We'll take all the prayers we can get.

Our dear friend Casey gave us her Saturday morning to take some photographs of our darling Josie. The pictures are beautiful. We're grateful for Casey's time, talent, obedience to God and, most of all, her friendship. Bless you and your family, Casey. Thank you for serving us in this wonderful way. Here is a sample photo, below. Casey, if you want to sue over this flagrant copyright violation, I know a good lawyer. You can see some more lovely pictures over at Casey's blog.

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